Prototypes, exhibition builds and specialist vehicles

Prototypes and exhibition builds

Our plastic vehicle panes are popular with many manufacturers when building prototypes. They boast visual brilliance like nothing else seen in safety glass. Their outstanding customisability and our high-quality printing ensure that KIRSCH Kunststofftechnik vehicle panes are represented at all leading car shows.

Affordable panes for prototypes

Prototype panes can typically be formed using simple tools. This has the benefit of being both affordable and quick to produce. At KIRSCH Kunststofftechnik, we have a wide range of materials at our disposal that enables us to offer various tints. We are also able to produce various pane thicknesses.

Boundless possibilities: print and colour schemes

We are able to implement every colour scheme imaginable for our customers. Thanks to our various screen printing, digital printing and paintwork options, there are no limits when it comes to your ideas. Get a precise indication of the pane tint for future vehicle series or showcase yourself with a high-quality logo print.

Exhibition builds - stylish presentation in our vitrines

Individual and smaller components can also be optimally presented with the support of KIRSCH Kunststofftechnik. Our high-quality vitrines made of acrylic glass look as though they are made from one piece with their careful sealing and polished edges. The design is tailored precisely to customer requirements: round or rectangular, coloured or clear, or perhaps printed with your own logo.



Prototypes, concept cars and similar vehicles typically feature panes made of plastic. Not only are they lightweight and robust, they are also comparatively easy to produce, meaning that small batches and even individual pieces can be manufactured economically.

Unlike safety glass, plastic vehicle panes are also far easier to customise. In combination with the various printing and coating options, virtually every idea can be realised with polycarbonate or acrylic panes.

How good is the visual quality of plastic vehicle panes?

Modern, high-quality plastic panes have excellent visual properties on a par with safety glass. The visual results of plastic vehicle panes can also be enhanced with a finishing process. As a result, our panes contribute to the overall high-quality impression of the prototype. Our practical coatings can further enhance the visual characteristics.

Specialist vehicles

Mobility is undergoing a transformation. Vehicles with combustion engines are gradually being replaced by other modes of transport. As a result, various specialist vehicles are now being used from delivery bicycles and small city cars to air taxis. However, they all have one thing in common: they’ll find the right panes with KIRSCH Kunststofftechnik.

Transport revolution with polycarbonate panes for specialist vehicles

Polycarbonate offers economic advantages when it comes to producing specialist vehicles. Panes made from this type of plastic can be economically produced in small batches. KIRSCH Kunststofftechnik is also an accredited manufacturer of vehicle panes by the Federal Motor Transport Authority and thus can easily request the approval of innovative panes.

From the idea to the specialist vehicle – all from a single source

Our goal is to offer our customers reliable, complete solutions when it comes to using polycarbonate panes in specialist vehicles. This is why all manufacturing takes place in-house. It begins with the initial design idea and finishes with the completed pane. This means that the entire production process is under one roof. This saves time, effort and, ultimately, money.


Road vehicles: delivery bicycles, city cars and much more

When it comes to fully electric vehicles, as well as those with an electric auxiliary engine, weight reduction plays a key role in increasing the range. Polycarbonate vehicle panes are ideal for reducing the overall weight. They are also far easier to customise than safety glass.

Air taxis

KIRSCH Kunststofftechnik can assist with every step of developing and manufacturing manned air taxis. The designs created as part of developing this completely new form of mobility can only be implemented using the specially coated plastic panes that we produce.



We also bring the benefits of polycarbonate panes to the railway. Our plastic panes meet the highest requirements in terms of quality and stability, all with outstanding visual quality and a lightweight design.