Polycarbonate vehicle panes

The automotive industry sets high standards for modern vehicle panes. They need to be lightweight and highly customisable while also ensuring distortion-free optics. Furthermore, additional features such as brake lights, taillights and heated windscreens can be easily integrated. Our panes meet these demands both for motorsport and road-approved vehicles.

Eyes firmly on the road and future

Polycarbonate vehicle panes and windshields are now highly sought-after in the electromobility sector. In addition to outstanding visual quality and stability, focus is also placed on weight reduction and integrating additional features. Thanks to our close collaboration with the Federal Motor Transport Authority and relevant accreditation bodies, we have extensive knowledge of this area due to our experience with motorsports.

Our vehicle panes are certified pursuant to ECE-R43

Our polycarbonate vehicle panes are approved in line with ECE-R43 and the Federal Motor Transport Authority. This enables us to offer solutions for our customers at short notice without being delayed by lengthy certification processes. This applies to our vehicle panes and windshields as well as our interior glazing which is used for enclosing bus drivers’ seats, for example. New registrations can be applied for through this accreditation by the Federal Motor Transport Authority.


We are characterised by decades of experience in manufacturing vehicle panes with complex designs as well as the outstanding visual quality of our products. At KIRSCH Kunststofftechnik, we oversee the entire manufacturing process for our customers under one roof.

Everything from a single source – all from Kirsch

Producing vehicle panes is a time-consuming and complex process that typically requires the collaboration of multiple suppliers with specialist knowledge and skills.

We offer complete solutions for our customers under one roof. From planning the initial prototype to producing series models, our in-house production team oversees every step involved in producing a modern polycarbonate pane. In doing so, this not only simplifies coordination between departments but also pools the necessary knowledge within one company. As a result, you’ll get what you need in no time at all.



Motorsport is the ultimate testing ground for new vehicle parts. It’s no wonder that many innovations for road-approved vehicles originate on the racetrack. Kirsch Kunststofftechnik GmbH produces vehicle panes and windscreens for race cars from specially developed, low-distortion, high-performance materials.

However, we’re right at the forefront off the track too. Our polycarbonate panes offer the customisability that car designers need. What’s more, our products weigh significantly less than standard glass. That’s why our panes are used in numerous prototypes, concept cars and show cars, particularly in the electromobility sector.