Vehicle Panes

vehicle panes

KIRSCH Kunststofftechnik GmbH is accredited by the Federal Motor Transport Authority. Our polycarbonate panes therefore bear the ECE-R43 symbol and can be integrated into roadworthy vehicles. We carry out the necessary supporting checks.

Road approval in line with ECE-R43

Vehicle panes that have been manufactured according to specific guidelines can labelled as approved for road use according to ECE-R43. We already have a large amount of ECE-R43 approvals in-house that can be used immediately. Of course, we can also design bespoke vehicle panes and apply for their approval with the Federal Motor Transport Authority.



Polycarbonate vehicle panes originated in the world of motorsport. The durability and ability to customise this material has played a major role in this industry for some time. However, the main reason for choosing polycarbonate over standard safety glass is the significant weight reduction that it offers.

The superior characteristics of polycarbonate vehicle panes make them even more relevant for road-going vehicles. This weight reduction plays an increasingly important role in the emerging electromobility industry and for specialist vehicles such as delivery bicycles. Polycarbonate panes combine multiple positive characteristics here.

Why choose vehicle panes made of polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is not only significantly lighter than standard laminated glass but also offers many additional benefits. Its excellent customisability makes it possible to implement unconventional designs. Brake lights, sliding windows and other features can also be integrated.

The vehicle pane properties can be further enhanced via finishing. This process is also overseen by us in-house. This enables us to ensure that the finishing process is optimally tailored to the materials and production methods used. As a result, our customers always receive panes that precisely meet their requirements.


Our objective is to be independent from external service providers. Accordingly, we have pooled all of our skills to produce StVZO-approved polycarbonate vehicle panes in-house. In doing so, we are able to offer customers a comprehensive service from the initial draft to the finished, certified pane.

The Federal Motor Transport Authority requires tests to be performed during the production of all ECE-R43-approved vehicle panes. At KIRSCH Kunststofftechnik, we also carry out these tests in-house independently of external service providers – true to our claim: everything from a single source!

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