When it comes to motorbikes and specialist vehicles, our polycarbonate windshields are far more robust than comparable products made from acrylic and also offer greater customisability. As a coating contractor, we oversee the coating of injection-moulded parts for our customers. Our coatings increase scratch resistance, UV stability and chemical resistance.

Brilliant appearance for complex designs

At KIRSCH Kunststofftechnik, we have decades of experience in manufacturing polycarbonate vehicle panes and windshields. We are therefore experts in creating outstanding visuals for complex designs. True to our corporate philosophy, we oversee the entire production and coating process for our customers in-house.

Amazing visuals

The entire production process of your windshield takes place in-house. We advise our customers regarding the practical feasibility of their designs and then oversee the production, coating and printing of the finished components. This shortens distances and guarantees complete independence from other service providers.


Our objective is to be independent from external service providers. Accordingly, we have pooled all of our skills to produce StVZO-approved polycarbonate vehicle panes in-house. In doing so, we are able to offer customers a comprehensive service from the initial draft to the finished, certified pane.

The Federal Motor Transport Authority requires tests to be performed during the production of all ECE-R43-approved vehicle panes. At KIRSCH Kunststofftechnik, we also carry out these tests in-house independently of external service providers – true to our claim: everything from a single source!

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Contract coating of injection-moulded parts

As a proven expert in the coating of transparent plastic parts, we are happy to use our skills for our partners’ benefit. As a coating contractor for injection-moulded parts/thermoformed parts made of polycarbonate/PMMA, we have many years of experience in working for renowned manufacturers in the automotive industry. We focus on achieving brilliant visual quality, particularly for complex designs.

For the coating process, we use both thermal and UV-curable coatings which we apply using a flow coating or spraying process. These make the windshields more resistant to scratches, block UV radiation and equip them with other desired characteristics. These characteristics can be reinforced by flow coating under an inert gas atmosphere.

Polycarbonate – the material of the future

Our company produces windshields for motorbikes and motorcycles as well as for specialist vehicles. For this we use polycarbonate as it is lightweight, yet extremely durable. This material is characterised by its excellent customisability. We can apply a wide variety of coatings depending on the intended use.

Polycarbonate has been an established material in motorsports for years. It is valued for its durability and particularly lightweight properties. At KIRSCH Kunststofftechnik, we use our expertise from the world of motorsports to put high-quality vehicle panes and windshields on the road. Here, we demand the same of ourselves as in motorsport – quality you can see.